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    sell insurance products online

    Earn Money Online By Selling Insurance Online

    Multiple online platforms in the country enable you to earn money by selling financial products online. You can register on such platforms and become a POSP agent to be able to sell insurance products online. GroMo is one such platform that enables you to sell insurance products online. It provides you with the knowledge and certifications required to sell financial products. Incorporated in 2019 by two IIT Delhi alums, GroMo is one of the most trusted fintech platforms online throughout the country. The company aims to provide knowledge about multiple financial products in the country's most rural areas. Anyone can apply and become a certified POSP agent after clearing specific qualification tests with the help of GroMo. After successfully becoming a POSP agent, you can sell insurance products online and earn commissions.

    Learn About Insurance

    GroMo not only enables you to sell insurance products online and earn commissions but also helps you gain knowledge about insurance products. You can attend multiple webinars and live video lessons to learn about insurance products. Just download the GroMo mobile application from the Google play store and begin your journey to become a POSP agent. Insurance, in general, refers to the agreement by which a company or state undertakes to provide a guarantee of compensating the losses incurred due to unforeseen activities.

    In India, there is a lack of knowledge regarding insurance products which is the primary reason for its less demand. However, the scenario changed after the COVID-19 pandemic, and there has been a massive demand for insurance since then. GroMo enables you to sell three insurance products: life, health and motor insurance.

    These three types of insurance are necessary to protect the policyholder from unforeseen activities. Motor insurance tends to cover your accidental damage expenses. If you land up in any accident, the insurance company will bear all the damages incurred for the vehicle. Similarly, if you have purchased health insurance, it is liable to cover all your medical bills in case of medical emergencies. Likewise, the insurance company will pay a sum of money to your family or any other nominee in case a life insurance policyholder dies. You can learn about these three types of insurance products using the GroMo mobile application.

    Process Of Selling Insurance Products Using GroMo Mobile Application

    You can download the GroMo mobile application and refer multiple financial products to people and earn money through commission. However, according to government guidelines, you must become a POSP agent to sell insurance products. It adds a few more steps to earn from the insurance category. The process to purchase insurance products through the GroMo mobile application is as follows:

    • First, you must provide all the required documents and apply to become a POSP agent.
    • After clearing the lecture time and tests, you can successfully become a POSP agent. After which, you can refer insurance products to multiple people and earn commissions on every successful sale.
    • Initiate the process by filling in the applicant's details over the GroMo application and submitting them.
    • Once done, a GroMo executive will call you to confirm the details and ask for critical information over that call.
    • After verifying all the information, the GroMo partner can further process the insurance procedure.
    • Moving on with the process, you can share your important documents via chat support or WhatsApp.
    • GroMo will then provide you with a list of insurance policies you can choose from and buy the insurance product.
    • Once the procedure is finalised, there will be a payment link that the customer can use and pay to purchase the insurance policy.
    • After making the payment, the respective insurance policy will be issued in due time.
    • The GroMo partner can check the lead status in the GroMo mobile application. The commission will also be credited into the bank account of the GroMo partner after the payout cycle.

    Besides referring the insurance policy and earning commission, GroMo partners can also earn on policy renewals. If the policyholder renews the insurance policy, then the GroMo partner is liable to receive a commission automatically for that renewal.


    Considering the procedure to become a POSP agent and sell insurance products using the GroMo mobile application, it is safe to say that you also can become a GroMo partner and earn online by selling insurance products. Start your journey today by downloading the GroMo mobile application and earn commissions on every successful sale. You can work from the comfort of your home and start your own online business without investing anything into the platform. Moreover, you can work without worrying about any deadlines or fixed targets. Along with that, GroMo offers the highest commissions throughout the market compared to other mobile application platforms. It also lets you keep track of your earnings using the built-in wallet feature. So, if you think you can earn by selling insurance products online, DOWNLOAD the GroMo Mobile Application TODAY and start your journey.



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    About GroMo

    Do you want to earn money online without investment? Download GroMo to earn extra income from home today!

    What is GroMo ?

    GroMo is the best money-earning app that will help you in starting a business without any investment. Become a GroMo partner by downloading the GroMo app from Play Store and sell financial products from different brands to customers and earn over ₹1,00,000 every month.

    You can attend free training, learn how to sell financial products to customers and start earning.

    Who can become a GroMo Partner ?

    You can be a working professional, a businessman, a student or a housewife - our app is a one-stop solution for anybody looking to learn and earn money by selling financial products. Other than your primary source of income, you can easily earn extra money from home by joining GroMo.

    GroMo is one of the best side income sources where you can engage customers by sharing content with them and getting the financial product activated.

    What are the benefits of working with GroMo?

    1 Zero Investment business : Start your own business with 0 investment

    2 Work from homes : Get one of the best at-home job opportunities

    3 Quick payout : Shortest payout cycle in the market

    4 Side income source : One of the best extra income sources

    5 Great customer service : Grow your business with help from our customer support team

    What financial brands can you sell ?

    You can start your online business @0 investment with us today. Sell insurance and financial products from next-gen brands like Axis bank, Kotak 811 bank, Upstox, Paytm Money, Freecharge, Bajaj Finserv, etc. and earn extra income online without investment.

    You can sell financial products from the following brand categories:

    • Savings accounts
    • Insurance
    • Credit cards
    • Demat accounts
    • Credit accounts
    • Loan
    • Investments

    ...and many other fantastic financial products with our at-home money earning business. Like what we do? Great, there's more!

    What are the features of GroMo ?

    GroMo is a great platform to sell financial products. Trust us, you won't find a better way to earn extra online without investment. Your customers will be happy to get access to multiple financial products with you and you will be happy to earn more income from home, all in one app.

    You can even build a team through referrals and boost your earning with our app to make money. Here's is a list of GroMo features you would love:

    1 Get educated: Upskill with our free online courses and webinars and become a certified financial advisor while still doing home based work.

    2 Manage customers: Manage your customers and track their status in your GroMo App. Moreover, you can set up reminders to follow up with your customers.

    3 Engage your customers: Keep your audience engaged with personalized content, website and visiting cards to sell financial products.

    4 Refer and earn: Take full advantage of our fantastic referral policy and refer people in your network to GroMo on a regular basis.

    5 Track your earnings: Use your in-app wallet to keep track of your earnings and transfer money to your bank account.

    6 Data security: Securely maintain customer data in your financial app without worrying about any data safety issues.

    Get ready to eam money without investment with GroMo. Download our financial app todayGoogle Play StoreandApp Storeand start your job from home.